Who We Are
Blaqman Productions is a Registered Record Label, based in Evaton, Gauteng.
The label is 100% black owned. It was founded by Simon Ndlovu in the year 2014. The company started as a recording studio called Blaqman Records (BMR). As time went on Simon developed an interest in graphic design and continued in this field while becoming a beats composer and video editor.
Recently Blaqman Productions moved into website designing while striving for growth and development. Blaqman Productions is a group with a vision and a mission to provide new entertainment that aims to introduce creative and up and coming artists and to help grow their brands as recognized artists.
Blaqman Productions is a small business designed to meet the needs of the ever changing media world. Although Evaton in Gauteng is the current home, Blaqman Productions plans to expand to branch offices and a studio within two years.
Blaqman Productions people all have music production and business experience while possessing the drive necessary to succeed in this creative and demanding industry.
As a business we understand the needs of public and private organizations as well as individuals. As parents and family members ourselves, we appreciate the value of setting special time apart from other events in our lives.
Blaqman Productions strives to accomplish music, graphic design and publishing assignments and projects initially in the Vaal and eventually in other parts of the Gauteng Province and then nationally and internationally.

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Postal address
Name of Co-operative: Blaqman Productions Inc.           
Main Business Activity: Music Productions Inc.                                      
Physical Address: 1493 Wright Road,
                            South Africa                         
Contact person: Simon Ndlovu               
Contact details: +27 (0) 61 642 3423
Our Services and Offers
Recordings Studio | Mix and Mastering Service |  Beat Making |  Sound Engeneering | Photography | Graphics Designs


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Blaqman Productions Pty Ltd: Reg No: 2017/354345/07